Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Reducing Weight with Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

What causes us difficulty in making the right food choices? So often there is a tiny voice within our head urging us to make sensible choices but we chose to ignore it and continue to tuck into unneeded and unhealthy foods. How can we help that tiny voice be heard? We know that that making better choices will make us healthier and happier so why can’t we do it? We get caught up with the latest diet craze, endless calorie counting and yo-yoing weight. It all seems pointless, so yet again we give up; if only it was as easy to loose weight as it is to gain!

Many of my clients’ weight problems come from eating for the wrong reasons; when they are stressed, bored, nervous, anxious, sad, happy….but not when they are hungry! If this sounds familiar then hypnotherapy and NLP techniques will enable you to control these emotions and you should find there is no longer a desire to comfort eat.

Lose Weight with Edinburgh Hypnotherapy

What are Your Goals for Losing Weight?

Losing weight using hypnotherapy and NLP is about helping you to change those thought processes that have you trapped. I aim to teach you to think and eat like a slim person. We will work together to help re-educate your unconscious mind enabling you to make healthier choices and instinctively know when you are full. So you will no longer eat as you currently do but instead you will eat like a slim person.

When you eat like a slim person you can have an occasional indulgence day. This will no longer make you upset or feel ‘you’ve blown it’ as over the next day or so you will unconsciously do as slim people do, eat less and listen to your inner voice and not be lead astray by your eyes or emotions.

What are your goals and motivations?

How Can Hypnotherapy Help with Weight Loss

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see; or sitting down to a meal and having the confidence of knowing you’ll eat only what you need to eat and will feel good about what you’ve eaten by the end of the meal. Imagine reducing your food shopping bill week on week and feeling good about it.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss focuses not on deprivation or misery, but on feeling good, looking good and being motivated in the long term to ensure steady, healthy weight loss that stays off. By increasing your motivation, not only for eating more sensibly, but also in being more active in a way that you can enjoy and tackling those underlying problems such as emotional eating, habitual eating and core beliefs about food, such as having to clear your plate, hypnotherapy becomes the pleasurable way of becoming a naturally slimmer person.

With hypnosis, we can look at other areas that can contribute to overeating and helping with the reasons behind the overeating. When a house is on fire, we don’t just put out the fire in the bedroom. When you lose weight on a slower, controlled basis your body balances itself out making you less likely to regain any unwanted weight.

The therapy will be designed specifically for your requirements. In addition to the initial consultation, I usually suggest four sessions spread over the first month and then two more sessions at two monthly intervals. However as each client’s needs are unique the course may be shorter or longer depending on contributing factors and this will be discussed with you as you make progress

All this helps you to start a positive cycle for yourself, helping you to feel better, to look better, for yourself.