Hypnotherapy for Sporting Success and Motivation

Improve Your Sports Game with Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Every top sportsperson knows that their best performances come from their mind as much as their body. Probably you’ve already experienced the effects positive thinking can have on your game. Whatever your chosen sport, improving your mind-body dialogue is a benefit.

As you develop this skill, you will find yourself listening instinctively to the messages your body sends and increasing the connection you have with your team mates and competitors. Intuitively your mind wants to point you toward your goal, but are you totally tuned into it? 

You have to use the power of your unconscious to make it a reality. As a sportsperson you spend long enough training your body – why not spend a little on your brain?

Hypnotherapy for Sports in Edinburgh

Increase Your Motivation

Motivation is a complicated thing; all our actions and behaviours have underlying motivators. Unfortunately for us some speak louder than other and we need to turn up the volume on what needs to be achieved and turn down the volume on those annoying distractions. 

Motivation comes from our unconscious mind. Consciously we have every intention to do what needs to be done, but still find ourselves drifting off to do something else! We have to convince our unconscious minds to be on side to maintain the motivation.

Put a Stop to Procrastination

Do you tackle jobs as soon as they are presented or do they often get put off for another day; promising yourself that it will be done tomorrow!

And for some reason or another, ‘tomorrow’ turns into the next day, and then the day after that, until everything has to be done in a mad rush at the last minute?

Perhaps you get distracted? Do you start a task only to be side-tracked or run out of enthusiasm before it’s finished; or is getting started part of the problem?

How Can Hypnotherapy Help with Sports?

Hypnotherapy and NLP offers a fast and reliable way to make the necessary changes to our unconscious thinking and so to our behaviour.

Hypnosis will help your mind define your goals more clearly. It will help you increase your energy and your focus will improve. I will show you NLP techniques that you can use to increase your motivation, performance and recall past successes.

Specific areas that hypnotherapy and NLP can help:

  • Student motivation – focus on learning and exams; set study goals and have the motivation to meet them.
  • Weight-loss motivation – realise what really motivates you to loose weight. Do you want to look and feel better; be healthier; fit into a smaller clothes size?
  • Sports motivation – many sport psychologists use hypnosis in their motivational programmes, but are reluctant to label it so.
  • Career motivation – achieve goals and help develop skills and attitudes to help you progress.
  • Self motivation – empowering you to build on your own internal resources.

An ever increasing number of elite athletes are openly admitting that hypnosis is an indispensable part of their success. Think about it. In the highest levels of any sport, there really is little difference in the physical make up of the competitors nor the coaching expertise available to the athletes.

So, the famous cliché that sporting success is 90% mental holds very true. The strategic and focused use of hypnosis in a coaching environment can be a very powerful way to achieve that mental edge.