Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Improving Confidence and Self Esteem with Hypnosis

Everyone has insecurities and self doubts, but some of us struggle with these more than others. I see many people who have lost confidence, lack self-worth and seem to be struggling to find their true direction in life. Life isn’t fun when they think and feel this way. 

It prevents them from leading the life they want. They find that often the simplest of tasks or decisions become overwhelming for fear of doing the wrong thing. Regardless of what causes these unhappy emotions they are left feeling defeated and unsure of themselves. When any of us lack self confidence, our lives suffer as a result.

However self confidence is just a state of mind. Self confidence brings assurance to our actions and self-belief to our smiles. Those with self confidence seem to generate a positive energy that radiates worth and composure.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence in Edinburgh

Feel Better About Yourself with Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

When you tell yourself you can not do things in life often enough and believe it, the end result is normally that you are unable to do those things anymore. But it’s the same with positive thinking, if you tell yourself that you can be positive and confident then you can be precisely that.

Both Hypnotherapy and NLP have a range of excellent techniques to help you replace self-doubt and anxiety with confidence and composure.

NLP will allow you to build on positive experiences and hypnosis will let you to explore the future and see yourself positive, confident and self-reliant. Together we will dispense with unnecessary thought patterns and provide your mind with positive suggestions that allow you to move forward.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help with:

How Can Hypnotherapy Help with Confidence?

Would you like someone to remind you every day just how great you really are in everything you do and say and think? Would you like someone to be constantly reminding you that you have no need to fear failure, that your best will always be good enough and that you are at least the equal of all others?

Hypnotherapy can help that ‘someone’ to be you by reminding your subconscious of how great you really are so that your ‘inner voice’ becomes one that supports you every day in every way. With such positive re-enforcement being given every moment imagine how much you could achieve and how well you could enjoy yourself every moment of every day.

Hypnotherapy helps to break you out of the negative thinking in a safe, gentle, positive way. With positive thinking becoming your new habit and energy becoming your new best friend imagine what you could be doing and achieving each day.

You develop the skills to stop negative thoughts in their tracks and replace them with helpful, realistic thinking; to become more assertive; and to relax on cue; in hypnosis, you are given positive suggestions which strengthen your self-esteem and confidence, as well as rehearsing confronting and mastering problem situations. All these skills are easily acquired with practice which is why clients usually experience beneficial change in just a few sessions.

Remember, the way we think affects the way we behave and the way we feel, and Hypnotherapy can dramatically change the way you think for your own good.