Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Reducing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Anxiety is part of everyday life, and everyone will experience anxiety in some form at one time or another.

The vast majority of us know what it’s like to feel worried and stressed: the tightness in the chest, a sinking feeling in your stomach, a sense of being out of control, preoccupied, unable to concentrate properly. For most of us this will be an occasional and normal reaction to the events life throws at us such as waiting for the result of a test, financial hiccups, someone not back at home on time at night. However, when you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety every day and you can’t remember the last time you felt calm, comfortable and relaxed then it could well be affecting your quality of life.

Chronic anxiety is most likely to affect people in their twenties and slightly more women than men. The symptoms are wide-ranging, from dizziness, lethargy, irritability and sweating to stomach aches, headaches and shortness of breath. Coping with these symptoms or trying to avoid situations which provoke them can interfere with normal life and inhibit enjoyment of even the most pleasurable event.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

The Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

At its extreme in a full-blown panic attack the person feels as if they are about to die. Often the attack comes ‘out of the blue’ with no warning and for no apparent reason, a ‘free floating anxiety’, as Freud described it.

The combined effect can be devastating to experience – heart rate speeds up, like a palpitation, breathing quickens as the person feels they cannot get enough air into their lungs and their chest feels tight. It’s no wonder that many such an experience has been taken for a heart attack.

Once a person has suffered such distress, it’s likely that they’ll be wondering at the back of their mind if and when another will take place.

The more the person worries about the onset of another attack, the more the likelihood that their anxiety levels will rise and with it the distinct possibility that the much-feared event will happen again.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Overcome Anxiety?

There are things that happen in our lives which we cannot change, but we can change the thoughts and feelings that we attach to them, and this is where hypnotherapy can help. Reducing overall anxiety levels allows you to become more positive, more focused and to make cool assessments of any situation allowing you to come up with the right answers for you; in this way life can become a much more pleasant, friendly place to be.

Hypnotherapy can put you back in control of your feelings. It will help you to understand why you are having anxieties and in doing so reduce them to a more manageable level. Your confidence will be boosted as will your belief in your abilities. We will work to dampen down those feelings of nervousness and put you back in control of your mind and body. You’ll be able to think more clearly, concentrate more easily and feel more relaxed.

Hypnotherapy can help you remain calm and in control throughout your day or in situations which once brought on anxiety. A programme of self-hypnosis, positive visualisation, anxiety reduction and learned relaxation techniques helps to re-enforce the fact that you are in control of your mind and emotions and can enjoy life in a calm, positive way. Hypnotherapy helps you achieve this in a safe, gentle way. You remain firmly in the ‘driving seat’ during the sessions as we guide your subconscious into a new calmer way of seeing and experiencing life, giving you a new found freedom to enjoy every day.

If you have suffered from panic attacks, or if you feel worried and anxious a lot of the time without really knowing why then it is likely that Hypnotherapy will be what you need to set yourself free from your symptoms and start enjoying life to the full again.