Hypnotherapy Treatments in Edinburgh

Discover How Hypnotherapy Can Help You


Hypnosis is a  relaxed, focused state of mind, similar to being deeply involved in a film or book. Most people find it a very pleasant and relaxing experience. It is completely safe and you will remain in control at all times. In fact, the beauty of hypnotherapy is that it will allow you to be more in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the future, allowing you to be free from whatever has previously held you back.

In the first half of your session we will determine your goal and during hypnosis you will be able to make the necessary deep, lifelong changes. I will help you to access your own resources, and to develop new ones to enhance your life. The majority of clients feel the results from their very first session.

Understand Hypnosis with Edinburgh Hypnotherapy

To understand how Hypnotherapy works it is important to understand that your mind has different levels of awareness. Some things are in your conscious awareness now; you know you are reading this page. Other things may not be in your conscious awareness right now but could easily be brought to your attention; for example the feeling in your right hand. 

However, there are some things that are much harder to bring to your conscious awareness. It is often the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are outside your everyday awareness that cause behavioural and psychological difficulties.

Unwanted habits, irrational fears or distressing emotions arise from the part of your mind that is outside your everyday awareness – your unconscious mind. Using the relaxed state of Hypnosis it is possible to help uncover the underlying cause of your difficulty and effectively diminish unwanted feels and program more appropriate behaviours.