Client Reviews

Success Stories

All feedback has been included with the clients full consent and names have been shortened for privacy.
"I've had two hypnotherapy sessions with Elliott. I was slightly nervous at first but he put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. Like a lot of people might be I was a little sceptical about hypnosis, but I was proved wrong, which is great as it’s gotten me a long way in solving my personal issues."
J. Edinburgh
"I have felt more like my old self and much more confident. Most of the negative thoughts have gone, so the daily sense of low self esteem has gone, which has made a big different to my day to day existence."
C. Edinburgh
“I have never been hypnotised before and was a little nervous though quite intrigued. Elliott was superb at making me feel relaxed. In fact that’s what I really took away from me after the session. A feeling of total calm. It was extremely relaxing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."
H. Edinburgh
“I came to Elliott to overcome my fear of taking my driving test - hypnotherapy made me feel more relaxed and less afraid of the test and I feel much more confident about taking it again this time around."
K. North Berwick
"Thank you so much for our sessions together. I have found myself walking around with a smile on my face and I have been a lot more optimistic and buoyant. Even when things haven't gone my way I have found myself springing back into place like a plant bent by the breeze."
L. Dunfermline
"I would like to say thank you for making me feel so comfortable during my sessions. The purpose of my sessions with you was for weightloss and to get away from the constant yo yo of diets. With your help I am achieving this as you are helping me to understand the reasons why I overeat. You have made me more self aware of the food that I eat and the portion sizes. Whilst I still have a long way to go I believe now that with your help my journey is achievable. Thank you"
R. Kirkcaldy
"My therapy with Elliott was about my obsessive thoughts and anxiety which I had developed since I was young. After the third session I started to become new person. My perspective in life has changed, I feel much more confident and can cope with serious situation much better than in the past."
N. Rosyth
"I received treatment for panics and anxiety. I contacted Elliott when I was at my lowest point when I thought I would never feel 'normal' again, I am now back to my old self and more confident than ever before. I cannot rate this therapy highly enough."
D. Edinburgh
"Elliott has helped me change my constant negative thoughts and lack of control over my emotions and my life has improved dramatically. Thank you."
M. Glasgow